Freedom From Worry and Fear

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Reflect on these questions, and keep them in mind as you read the affirming words below. Try reading the words out loud, and really feel what they are saying.

Remember to emphasize the ‘I AM‘ and let the power of using current tense phrasing start to create a change in your thinking right now.

Feel free to return and read this often throughout your day.


  • If I stop letting worries and fears stop me, what will I be able to accomplish?
  • How will having courage and being brave help me?
  • What can I do to act more boldly as I move forward with my life?


I live a life free of worry and fear.

I AM courageous and brave, and I can do anything I set my mind to. I refuse to let fears and worries bother me or stay in my thoughts. Fear and worry pass me by because I AM strong.

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I know I control my destiny. I choose to go forward into my destiny boldly and to do so without hesitation. Running away never solves anything! I work toward my goals with courage and perseverance, creating a destiny of success throughout my life.

Worries and fears are now absent from my life. I let the past stay in the past, without regrets or worries to cloud my present. I focus on the wonders of each new day. I let go of my fears of what the future may bring, since I trust that good things will come. I AM happy, content, and brave.

I take on new tasks with courage and strength. I know I will accomplish my dreams because I am willing to bravely try new things and take chances that can help me move forward to reach my goals.

Regardless of what may come my way, I know I can handle it. Since fear comes from not knowing, I learn all the facts I need to know to put my mind at ease. No thoughts formed against me can take root, as I AM capable of overcoming any and all challenges. I banish fear, look for solutions, and boldly take the needed action to put myself back on course.

Letting go of my worries and fear leads me to the freedom to live my life to the fullest! I enjoy every step of my life as I go after my dreams!


Today, I plan to be brave, courageous, and bold in everything I do.


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