How to Utilize Affirmations in Overcoming Fear

in Building Confidence

When you start using affirmations in your life, you will unleash a powerful force that will break the hold that fear have over you. You can use affirmations to help you get through the tough times in addition to gain self-confidence.

The Reason You Experience Fear

Over the course of your life, numerous situations will result in fear, but this is not necessarily a negative thing! It may in fact perform an essential function in your life.

Fear will immediately get your heart pumping quicker and also supply you with the adrenalin rush necessary to help you get away from a threatening situation. If a person was chasing you down the block, your fear may possibly push you to run faster or think on the fly. In reality, fear may very well be essential to drive you to safety.

However, fear also occurs in instances when you are in absolutely no danger at all. That is when fear is damaging. These kinds of fears may actually impede your day-to-day activities, consequently resulting in behaviors you wish you did not have.

These are the fears that we want to overcome. Irrational fears, such as the fear of standing in an elevator or perhaps a fear regarding speaking in front of a crowded room, may lead you to stay away from situations which could provide tremendous value in your life. Rather than keeping away from fearful situations, discover how to overcome your fears and enjoy life to the fullest extent.

How Affirmations Support You

Affirmations may help you conquer your fears by allowing you to focus on being optimistic, as well as helping you remain in the present moment. Affirmations are brief, positive statements which are composed in the present tense. They should describe exactly how you would like to feel, as though you are currently experiencing those empowering emotions.

You can look for affirmations which pertain to your particular fear, or you can create your own. For instance, if you have a fear of elevators, you can recite to yourself: “I feel relaxed and calm now.” Repeat this phrase as well as other affirmations the next time you ride in an elevator. Discover the courage inside of yourself to handle the fearful situation.

The Importance of Believing in Yourself

Affirmations will only provide power for you if you have a conviction to overcome your fears. Repeated each and every day, affirmations can actually reprogram your mind to believe and respond in different ways when you encounter stressful situations you are wanting to overcome. However, you need to be consistent in your efforts, and also keep an open mind so they can help you.

Many people overcome their fears each day. You can find the courage and strength inside of yourself to finally declare that you are free from the clutches of fear! Regardless of whether affirmations seem to be sort of foolish initially, stay with it. They may not have you feeling courageous instantly, but give it a little time. Continue to repeat your affirmations, and you will notice positive results.

Affirmations for Any Fear

You can get affirmations regarding practically any fear or even negative feelings. However, it might be more potent to create your own. Just picture yourself in the situation, reacting perfectly and feeling tranquil inside. Compose an optimistic, present tense statement, in the first person, describing what you are picturing.

Compose a handful of affirmations and then repeat these to yourself repeatedly. Continue doing this exercise every single day, and shortly you will start to notice yourself feeling in different ways in regards to the situation.

Once you have worked through one particular fear using affirmations, you will have a tool in your toolbox that can beat virtually any fear which you have.

Begin utilizing the power of affirmations right now! Start small and invite the positive outcomes to encourage you to utilize affirmations more and more from now on.

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