Five Ways to Increase Your Patience

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Patience is a virtue that is well learned. By having patience, you can not only be a more peaceful and calmer person, but you will find your life will improve, as will the lives of those around you. This is wait awaits you when you gain the wisdom of patience.

You may feel that you already possess areas of patience, or that you are a fairly patient person already. While this may be true, patience is a skill that can always be further developed to add even more benefits to your life. Read on to discover five ways to further increase your levels of patience. 

Accept That Everyone Is Different

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Do you accept yourself as you are? Do you accept others for the differences that they possess? Sometimes it is hard to see that the differences in other people are what makes them special. Other times, you might be comparing yourself to others and wondering why you can’t hold up to that comparison. This is one way to set yourself up for a huge disappointment that will eventually wear on your nerves.One time when you may notice yourself trying to make this comparison to others is when you are learning a new skill. Perhaps you notice that other people pick up on it more quickly than you are. This really doesn’t matter in the long run if you continue to persevere. Eventually it will be second nature to you, and who learned it fastest will not be an issue.

There may be another situation where you will have an easier time of it than other people. Having patience in these types of situations makes it easier on everyone. Accept the situation as it is, and it will be easier to handle.


Share Your Skills

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Are there times when the lack of skills of others annoys and frustrates you? There might be times when you are certain you could have done a better job.Don’t let these negative feelings build up inside of you. Be proactive, and find a way to correct the problems. perhaps you can share your skill, and teach what you know. This way the job will be done to your specifications next time, and they will feel better about gaining in their skill level. You can pre-empt your frustration, and fill yourself with the joy of having helped someone else instead.

When you help others, everyone involved benefits in the long run. It just takes a little patience to help others with these little tasks.


Act Instead of Reacting

When lack of patience begins to make you frustrated, there might be something you can do about the situation. By keeping yourself busy, there will be no time left to be frustrated.

There is always some action that you can take instead of being frustrated. You may be able to do something about the situation. If not, find something else that you can do. Perhaps you can even take the time to just relax and enjoy life.



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Slowly Count To Ten

There may be times when you feel like you are just at the end of your rope. It can be easy to lose it during these stressful times. If you fear that your reaction may be inappropriate because of your lack of patience, you might want to try the “count to ten” rule.

In these moments, stop and count slowly to ten while taking deep breathes. This will help you to calm down your stress reaction, and give you time to see the situation with clearer eyes. Then you will be able to act in a rational and calm way.


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Look At Things From a Different Angle

Try to see things from a different angle, from another point of view. If you try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view, you will often be able to offer compassion instead of frustration. You may even be able to find a solution you hadn’t seen before. Broaden you horizons and gain more patience and wisdom by expanding your thinking in this way.


By incorporating these strategies into each day, you will soon find your patience expanding. More patience will allow you to feel more joy in every day.

Enjoy your new found patience and joy!



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