Raising Self Confidence Using Self Talk

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Self Assurance is delicate by nature. It can be easily inflated by a compliment, and just as easily torn down by a cruel word. Your self esteem is a delicate creature that needs to be nutured. Just how to do that can be a difficult question. One fantastic method of doing this is self talk. The difference between your accomplishment and failure can often times be what your inner thoughts are.

We are often our own worst critic. This just means that you’re more likely to be much harder on yourself for making a mistake than you would be for a family member or even a stranger. This really does not have to be how you treat yourself.

You can make sure you say things to yourself that you really want to hear. Encourage and congratulate yourself even for the small things. Having positive self talk is essential to keeping your self esteem high, and having the ability to weather anything that life brings.


Remove Anything Negative

Take a look at your current self talk patterns. Are they positive or negative?

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How frequently are you negative when speaking to yourself. Maybe you are telling yourself that you won’t be able to really do something. You may be beating yourself up because you made a mistake. Sometimes we can be a continual discouragment to ourselves. That negative self talk is telling you that it is time to start treating yourself with loving care.

Ending your negative self talk is critical to increasing your self confidence. Begin treating yourself with understanding. You deserve it. Especially is you feel you haven’t done well enough, you need to start focusing on anything that you have done well.

This will help you see yourself with pride, instead of dissatisfaction. This brings you that much closer to being proud of yourself just the way you are.


Be Positive

After you’ve identified where you have been negative in your life, you can concentrate on the positive aspects. This will allow you to begin treating yourself better right away. Then positive self talk will carry that on to other areas.


Use these ideas to help:


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1. Congratulate yourself. Take time to congratulate yourself for every little thing you do. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then. Reflect on how good it makes you feel.

2. Practice affirmations. Positive affirmations can be used to strengthen your positive self talk. To create an affirmation, simply make a positive statement in the present tense. Saying them reminds you that you really are a great person.

* Affirmations have such a powerful ability to influence the mind that you should take advantage of them and practice with them every day.

3. Believe in yourself. Someone else can tell you that you’re good enough to accomplish anything, but it’ll never make a difference if you don’t believe it yourself. What makes you capable of picking yourself up off the ground is your belief in yourself.

* Learn to think of failures as learning experiences. You may learn exactly what you need to succeed the next time. Failure could be considered a blessing in diguise.


You will go much further in life if you are patient with yourself when you make mistakes, and learn to focus on the positive. Doing this will increase your self esteem.

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